Reminder for Required Board Meeting Attendance during First Year of Licensure

Posted in Latest News on June 1, 2023 .

64B2-13.007 Continuing Education Requirements During Initial Licensure Period.

(1)(a) During the first biennium or within twenty-four (24) months of initial licensure, whichever ends later, practitioners are required to attend one (1) full day at a Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine meeting at which disciplinary hearings are conducted as provided in paragraph 64B2-13.004(10)(a), F.A.C. In addition to attendance at a Board meeting, practitioners are required to complete a minimum of six (6) hours of record keeping/documentation and coding and two (2) hours in the area of ethics and boundaries, as provided in subsection 64B2-13.004(2), F.A.C.

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